Kontakt Records - Unity Nights Nov 29th Lux Lounge

Unity Nights – Nov 29th – Streamed live by DE Radio


Matthew1626: 9-10
Marc Gerrard: 10-1130
TRIOS: 1130-1230
Rennie Foster (Headlining) 1230-2am

This event will be streamed LIVE by DE Radio –

Transmat, Dirty Works, Rebirth | Vancouver / Tokyo

* on the decks 12:30-2:00AM *

Rennie Foster has been a well respected figure in the Canadian music and art community since he was just a teenager. He influenced many as an early pioneer of the Hip-Hop / B-Boy movement and later the House Music and Techno / Rave scene.

Rennie Foster has released with Detroit labels such as Motech, Soiree, Subject Detroit, Wallshaker, Teknotika and classic techno labels like F-Communicatios, Monoid, and Synewave. He has remixed artists such as Swayzak, DJ Bone, Alain Ho, Juan Atkins and has been remixed by the likes of James Zabiela, Kiki, Mark Broom, Claude Young, and Rodriguez Jr. His tracks appear on mix CDs by Kevin Saunderson, Trentmoller and Derrick May. He was consistently ranked in the top 50 DJs in Japan by LOUD Magazine and has played venues all across Japan and in cities from New York to Paris and Frankfurt.

Rennie is most recognized for his underground anthem “Devil’s Water” released from Rebirth Records and has been featured several times in publications like DJ Magazine UK, Mixer, Mixmag, and XLR8R. His recent hit collaboration with MC Moka Only “Connect Like Four” was remixed by Samuel L. Session, Uner and members of Cobblestone Jazz and was the most charted track on Resident Advisor for April, 2011. He also had a hit in 2011 with “Savior” featuring the late Detroit legend Aaron Carl on vocals and a massive remix by Coyu and Edu Imbernon. Rennie’s tracks are often found in a diverse group of well known DJs sets from Sasha, Pete Tong and James Holden to Derrick May, Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke.

Currently, Rennie is working on an EP for Thoughtless Music, collaborating with House Of Ninja NYC and remixing rave legends Altern-8 — amongst many other things.

DE Radio, DE Kollektiv | Vancouver

* on the decks 10:00-11:30PM *

As far back as he can remember Marc Gerrard has been surrounded by quality music. Born in Southport, England (it’s grim up north) he comes from one of the most prolific musical countries on the planet and thus brought with him an appetite for music unique to the English.

After his first concert experience of seeing the Jackson 5 (reunion tour) at the impressionable age of 10, he has since undergone an evolution that has taken him through britpop, indie, funk and into electronic music where now as a DJ he combines the best of all his experience and has developed a virtuosity with his ability to blend the organic with the electronic, traversing genres and taking his listeners on unpredictable yet soulful musical journeys.

After playing out around the city at various venues and festivals, Marc Gerrard met Major Tom whereby they quickly developed a kinship through their similar musical proclivities for blending the organic with the electronic. They most recently teamed up to form the DE Kollektiv where with their sound, they strive to explore the boundaries of genre and craft while pushing what defines electronic music. But through all this they always remember and maintain the core value of connecting with their audience by providing a memorable musical experience.

=== TRIOS ===
Anadamide, ODA Digital | Vancouver

* on the decks 11:30PM-12:30AM