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Deep Warr

Nicholas Brand Known as Deep Warr started his DJ career at the age of 16 years. Even before that as a child he could be found experimenting with all kinds of sounds from tape machines and other household objects. Born in Johannesburg and now based in Cape Town South Africa, club music has always been his passion. Inspired by the likes of Paul Okenfold, Timo Maas, John Digweed Nick Warren, and others. Deep Warr has been producing music for other Artists for some time now. Including Kibiztone out of D.R.C Congo and flamenco band Kuba Strings.
You will always recognise Deep Warr from the formal attire (suit and tie) he is known for wearing while playing his DJ sets, this has become somewhat of a trademark. But of course the music speaks for itself and what it says is groovy tech/deep house with a bit of an eclectic side at times.